violin, mandolin


Steve has been playing music since the tender age of three, when he made his first make-shift violin out of a ruler taped to a cereal box in his native Kentucky. He has explored various musical traditions including classical, country, Celtic, bluegrass, folk, jazz, hip-hop, and Brazilian music. As a violin and mandolin player, he has performed in venues ranging from small cafes to large festivals. He composed and performs the music for two one-woman plays with Libby Skala: Felicitas and Irena Sendler: Rescuing the Rescuer. His interest in various musical traditions has led him to a variety of recording and performing projects. Credits include: Joe Bayer Band; Erica Sunshine Lee; Beltaine’s Fire; Steve Ferguson and Midwest Creole Ensemble; The Clearing; Three at Last; and Lisa Redfern.

Steve is available for live performance, recording, and audio engineering.

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