violin, mandolin


Steve has been playing music since the tender age of three, when he made his first make-shift violin out of a ruler taped to a cereal box in his native Kentucky. His background includes classical, country, Celtic, bluegrass, folk, jazz, and Brazilian music. On fiddle, he alternates between an acoustic and an electric 7-string with the range of violin, viola and cello. On the mandolin, he alternates between an acoustic and baritone electric. That versatility allows him to switch seamlessly between traditional sounds and crunchy rock and hip hop grooves. His interest in various musical traditions has led him to a variety of recording and performing projects. Credits include: Joe Bayer Band; Erica Sunshine Lee; Beltaine’s Fire; Steve Ferguson and Midwest Creole Ensemble; The Clearing; Three at Last; and Lisa Redfern.

Steve is available for live performance, recording, and audio engineering.

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