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Recent Projects

Erica Sunshine Lee

Internationally touring and Hit Nashville Recording Country Singer/Songwriter. Some may know her as “Sunshine,” “Georgia Peach”, “Belle,” “GP,” “Peaches”, but anyone who knows her knows she wholeheartedly loves music. This ray of Sunshine is out sharing her music around the world, and allow others to see a glimpse into her life, or those who have inspired her, and through her songs, hopes that people are not only able to relate, wants others to “see that we all go through similar situations, it’s just how we deal with them that separates us.”

Beltaine’s Fire

Beltaine’s Fire was a five-member Hip Hop/Folk-Rock/Celtic Fusion collective from the San Francisco Bay Area in California fronted by Emcee Lynx. Their music evolved considerably over the years. Starting out as a mix of “traditional Irish and Scottish music with rock, folk, and rap elements”., they described themselves as “folk-rap” and their last album was primarily hip hop, albeit with elements borrowed from latin, world, american folk, celtic trad, funk, jazz, and rock.

Upcoming Shows

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